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At the Nashville Neuromuscular Center 

Our clients feel the difference between

 general fitness training, traditional physical therapy,

and the specific corrective exercise program for Posture Fitness.

Would you like to see for yourself how good it feels to move painfree again?

"Over the years, I have tried several strengthening programs, but always ended up with pain caused by scoliosis-related imbalances. Not so with Rebecca Saindon's approach. After only a few weeks of Rebecca's PostureFitness strength program at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center, I noticed a remarkable difference in my strength, flexibility, agility and balance, especially on the tennis court. And things continue to improve after 6 months!"
Janine Van

"Last summer I was experiencing knee pain and limitations daily. When I presented my problem to Rebecca Saindon, she gave on-the-spot feedback and suggestions. I took her advice and started on her rehab program immediately. I thought that knee surgery was imminent for me so I might as well give her program a shot. The results amazed me! With Rebecca's Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and  PostureFitness exercises, my knee started to get stronger and have less pain within the first month. After 3 months, I am basically pain-free and my knee feels stronger than it has in years. I am convinced that Rebecca's treatment plan saved my knee from certain surgery."
Martha Morgan,
Centennial Sportsplex Facility Coordinator

 "I am a long-time tennis player who recently took up golf at middle age. Nothing about the swing was intuitive to me. I took many lessons and spent hours on the practice range to no avail. My sincere effort to follow every minor technical instruction repeatedly resulted in a pulled chest muscle. So I turned to Rebecca Saindon's PostureFitness program at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center to teach my muscles how to swing the golf club. The exercises have done wonders in learning how to shift my weight. I now have a natural swing without using as much effort. I probably would have discontinued the exercises after reaching my goals, except that those exercises have been remarkable in developing strength and balance in critical parts of my body, particularly the lower abdomen."
Katherine McElroy
Nashville Management Group

"I am about to embark upon the biggest chalenge of my life~a marathon! I will be running 26.2 miles in the Chicago marathon. This has been more difficult physically & mentally than anything I have ever faced. I have trained well and am prepared to complete the marathon. But I didn't get here alone. Many competitive runners make and wear pace bracelets to help them reach their time goal. My marathon goal is to complete the miles with a smile; so rather than a pace bracelet, I will be wearing a thanksgiving Bracelet. On this bracelet will be your name, Rebecca, along with others who have touched my life and inspired me. I plan to look to your name for the encouragement and inspiration to make it through. Thank you so much for all your help in getting my body to this point! Not only have you worked the kinks out-you  have also given me tons of encouragement along the way."  ~ Rebecca Townsend

 "It's been Fabulous! I have been very happy with  the results thus far. I never expected "The Basics" to be so simple in correcting poor posture. Of course, I still need to continue the exercises regularly. It certainly has been a remarkable experience, and I am very happy that I located your facility." ~name withheld by request


"Things are going well with the Posture Fitness program. I'm a big fan, and have had no significant pain since we last spoke. I've been paying close attention to my knees for the past few weeks. I feel like my body is at least learning what it feels like to stand correctly. That's going to take time, but overall I feel great." ~Tommy Perkinson

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 PostureFitness is located in the Nashville Neuromuscular Center.
Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapists and Certified Posture Alignment Specialists 
 Working Together to Relieve Pain by Restoring Posture

95 White Bridge Road, Suite 405  Nashville, TN 37205   615-354-1700 

Our multiple certifications in this field include certification from Katy Bowman Restorative Exercise®, Egoscue University®, Chek Golf Biomechanic, National Federation of Professional Trainers.

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