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Posture Corrective Exercise at Nashville Neuromuscular Care, LLC

  1. Does your Movement Need Improvement?
Welcome to Posture Fitness
Where NeuroScience Meets Biomechanics

Specific Movement Techniques
to Restore Posture, Relieve Pain,
 and Regain Freedom of Movement



The research keeps rolling in. Establishing a neuromuscular connection and restoring motor control is critical in working with any joint instablility. Spinal vertebra have articulating joints just like the bigger joints of the knee, shoulder and elbow.

Nashville Neuromuscular Care's Posture Correcion movements are complimentary to our manual table massage work and  laser-focused on the myofascial structures that are responsible for body alignment. Posture Fitness is based on fundamental anatomical, physiological and bio-mechanical principles.  It includes analysis of the individual’s posture using static and functional movement tests.  This assessment aids in detecting muscle and fascial imbalances, postural misalignments, biomechanical dysfunctions, and compensatory movement patterns. Where NeuroScience meets Biomechanics.

We create and teach you a short homework routine designed for your unique body needs, and Voila! you're on your way. Remaining compliant with these simple movements will correct and support your best posture, reduce your pain, and allow a more complete range of movement. That said, however,  no matter how many exercises you do, until  you change your daily biomechanical and posture habits while sitting, standing, lifting, sleeping, etc. your body will default to the same old patterns. The position that you assume the most is the shape your body will take on.

Posture Fitness  targets specific muscles and fascial meridians (anatomy trains), thereby retraining them and restoring proper length, tension, and firing patterns. And with the practice and repetitions you perform, these new movement patterns are soon engrained as motor engrams (new habits) which will serve your body well.
Posture Fitness routines are not the same as Fitness Training sessions. These are corrective movements designed to work in conjunction with your regular conditioning activities. Once your body is in a more efficient position, your cardio and strength training workouts will be much more effective and enjoyable without pain and injury. 

Does your daily life, work, or play leave you fatiqued, stiff or in pain?
Do you workout with a personal trainer regularly, but continue to have the same old nagging aches and pains?
Do you receive regular massages,which feel great while you're on the table, but a few days later the same area of pain returns?
A dedicated workout regimen is an investment of time, energy and money. So, of course, you want to achieve the best possible results. What you may not realize is that an imbalance of the length:tension relationship of the muscles and  connective tissues (myofascia) is a common problem which can prevent you from attaining the full advantage of your workout sessions, or worse, set you up for pain and injury.
Fortunately, there are knowledgeable Posture Alignment Therapists at the Nashville Neuromuscular Care where you can find help in balancing your framework to prepare you for  a pain free lifestyle or an effective fitness program and not keep you dependent on a massage therapist, chiropractor, or physical therapist to keep you feeling good week after week.
Before you endure another painful hike or run; before you put another ice pack on that hip after cycling; before you take your workout to the weight room, yoga center, pilates room,  be sure your posture and joints are properly balanced for efficient stabilization and mobility.

Scheduling sessions for a comprehensive evaluation and Posture Fitness ®  prehabilitation corrective program will prepare you to pursue your own fitness goals safely, with a reduced risk of injury and pain and help you achieve the ultimate results you desire.


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